MXGM Statement on Ukraine

Concerning Ukraine

“When Elephant’s Fight, Only the Grass Gets Hurt”


Concerning the question of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the international
significance of that war, we believe that US imperialism (and neo-liberal capitalism) is the
primary enemy of people globally. The USA/NATO threat to the freedom seeking nations of the
world is evident in it’s ongoing blockade against Cuba, it’s embargo against Venezuela and the
overthrow of revolutionary governments of Chile, Granada and Haiti in the past. We call for an
immediate abolition of NATO and it’s military forces.

We condemn the alliance of the Ukrainian state with NATO forces which can only serve to
tighten the hold of western imperialism on the colonized people of the world. We believe that
the neo-liberal aspirations and courting of NATO by the Ukrainian government and it’s
absorption of neo-Nazi militias such as the Azov regiment into it’s military and the influence of
these fascists into the government must be condemned. It is also important that we condemn
and refute the Ukrainian treatment of African and Indian immigrants and students which has
been revealed during this war crisis. Additionally, as anti-colonialist supporting self-determination, we strongly demand that the Ukrainian government honor the plebiscite and
vote for independence legally held by the people of the Russian speaking Donbas region of
Ukraine since 2014.

With this understanding, we want to be clear that we believe that the present war in
Ukraine is the result of an ongoing conflict between two State powers who have no interest in
the welfare of the oppressed peoples of the world. An African proverbs states, “when elephants
fight, only the grass gets hurt”. We condemn the manipulation of Ukraine by NATO for the
purposes of neo-liberal capitalist and imperialist expansion, and we recognize that NATO has no interest in the welfare of the Ukrainian people. We also believe that the Russian regime has
unjustly invaded Ukraine’s national borders.

As a colonized nation struggling against imperialism and understanding that the Ukrainian
government has aligned with neo-liberal capitalism, we stand firmly with the people of Ukraine
fighting to maintain Ukrainian national sovereignty against Russian invasion. We call for an
immediate end to Russian military aggression against the Ukrainian people and land. We
condemn Russia’s aggression against a sovereign nation as well as ongoing Russian support of
white supremacist and fascist movements globally which pose a threat to the people of the

We see the conflict between Russia and NATO as examples of big power imperialism at the
expense of the worlds peoples which has historically led to two imperialist capitalist world
wars, and which endangers the worlds people of being once again drawn into wars benefiting
only our imperial capitalist colonizers.

We call on the peoples of the world to stand resolutely against military aggression and
violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine, Palestine, the captive nations of the USA including our
own New Afrikan nation and all colonized peoples. We condemn imperialist war and call for a
third force of anti-racist, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist nations, peoples and social
movements for true world liberation.