Atlanta Chapter

Areas of Work:
New Afrikan Scouts Organization (Youth)
Fridays 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Camp Pumziko (Youth Camp Annually in July)
Malcolm X Festival (Annually in May)
Malcolm X Banquet Banquet (Annually in February)
Black August Family Fitness and Defense
Annual Kwanzaa Kujichagulia
Georgians Coalition to Save Lives
We Are A Coalition Of Lawyers, Civil And Human Rights Organizations, Faith Leaders, Healthcare Professionals, Community Members, And Elected Officials Working To Save The Lives Of Georgia’s Citizens Who Will Face Life Threatening Consequences As A Result Of Governor Kemp’s Reopening Of Georgia.
We are a collective of Georgia organizations, activists, faith leaders, attorneys and justice-seeking community members. We believe that the killing of Ahmaud Arbery was the result of decades of systemic harm against Black Georgians. We hold two truths: (1) that many in our communities want to see that the killers of Ahmaud Arbery are accountable for the trauma they have inflicted on an entire community and (2) that our contributions must better equip Georgians to respond to the multiple systemic ills inflicting violence on our communities on a daily basis.


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