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Black August 2020


Black August originated in the concentration camps (prisons) of California in 1979 and its’ roots come from that history of resistance by Black/New African/African brothers in those prisons. It’s original and unchanging purpose is to:

Honor and commemorate the lives and deaths of several fallen Freedom Fighters.

To bring unity among Black/African/New African prisoners, and education and awareness to family members, friends, associates and communities about the conditions for the Black/New Afrikan prisoners held within those concentration camps (in particular in California) and;

To educate our people about and honor the history and actions of continued resistance of Black/New Afrikan/Afrikan peoples to oppression, colonization and slavery in the U.S. and throughout the Diaspora, with particular emphasis on prisoners, political prisoners, freedom fighters and their historical acts of resistance.

For more on the history of Black August, check out this piece by Mama Ayaana, Co-Founder of the Oakland Chapter of MXGM.


Black August Resistance Webinars

August 6 - Self-Defense For and By Black Women

August 4 - New Afrikan Womanist Collective Webinar
Nehanda & Assata: Beyond Symbolism and Hashtags

Black August Events

To register for the Black August Resistance webinars go to: