Participatory Democracy

Participatory democracy or participative democracy emphasizes the broad participation of constituents in the direction and operation of political systems. In a model of participatory democracy, citizens participate in political decisions and policies that affect their lives. 

The People’s Assemblies that MXGM are working to build in Jackson, throughout the state of Mississippi, and other cities where we have chapters, are designed to be vehicles of Black self-determination and autonomous political authority of the oppressed peoples’ and communities in Jackson. The Assemblies are organized as expressions of participatory or direct democracy, wherein there is guided facilitation and agenda setting provided by the committees that compose the People’s Task Force, but no preordained hierarchy. The People’s Task Force is the working or executing body of the Assembly. The Task Force is composed of committees that are organized around proposals emerging from the Assembly to carry out various tasks and initiatives, such as organizing campaigns and long-term institution building and development work.